Laura E Seay

(502) 581-9252
1319 Winter ave.
Louisville, KY 40204
United States



Criminal Justice Graduate student with Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Administration. Extensive experience interacting with the general public in a service oriented capacity.


Public Relations
Excellent in communicating interpersonally with members of the public in a service oriented capacity
Skill in dealing with dissatisfied customers and changing their perceptions.
Experience in conducting research on a wide variety of topics including the social sciences and law.
Familiarity with both library research and internet search engines.
Working knowledge of applied statistics.
Ability to research and write papers focusing on legal topics as well as the social sciences.
Familiar with Blue Book and APA styles of writing.
Ability to organise an educational career along with the everyday demands of a full-time job.
Excellent at organizing and supervising parties, receptions, and other social events.

Work Experience

Food and Beverage, Fifth Quarter
February, 1990 - Present
Sale and service of food and beverages in a casual dining setting.
Ability to ensure a positive guest experience despite high turnover of diners.
Consistant positive feedback from guests.
Kunz Fourth and Market
June 1986 - Feburary 1990
Sale and service of food and beverage in a fine dining setting.
Ability to service many guests at one time and provide a fine dining experience to each guest.
Florenz Northern Italian Restaurant
May 1986 - December 1989
Food and beverage service in a casual dining setting.
Occasional bartending duties.
Ability to perform satisfactorily while working two jobs.
Holiday Inn, Rivermont
March 1983 - May 1986
Head cashier/service bartender. Responsible for accounts of restarant and banquet facility.
Head cocktail server, responsible for scheduling and supervision of cocktail staff.
Occasional bartending duties, as well as food service.
Responsible for room service orders and accounts.


University of Louisville Graduate School- Criminal Justice.

University of Louisville, BS in Justice Administration, 1994.


Dean Scholar or on Dean's list during last two and a half years as undergraduate

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